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We are happy to be accepting walk-in drug screens again. Please continue to schedule all appointments that are not only for a drug screen.

WorkFit Provides Workplace Drug Testing and Injury Services in Omaha

Making All The Pieces Fit
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WorkFit provides employers with injury prevention and medical treatment services for their employees that will significantly reduce workers’ compensation costs while ensuring employees with the best in injury care, returning them to work promptly but safely.

WorkFit was founded in 2002 and has the most comprehensive Occupational Health Services and Medical-Legal Consulting Practice in the Midwest.

WorkFit currently serves over 500 employers, insurance carriers, third party administrators, self-insured businesses, and plaintiff and defense attorneys.

Dr. Gammel


Founder of WorkFit, Inc.

WorkFit offers a convenient option for workplace drug testing for companies in and around the Omaha area. Our workplace drug screening is designed to meet the needs of employers throughout the area. This includes scheduling drug screening appointments as needed to comply with your testing schedule. Our drug testing services provide quick results, using the latest in technology for accuracy with all tests. In addition, our staff is here to provide a full range of services for your employees. Our occupational services provide work related injury treatment in Omaha that is customized to the needs of the employee and employers. Our injury care and medical treatment services are designed to lower the cost of Workers’ Compensation claims for the employer. At the same time, we provide the injured employee with exceptional care and a full range of treatment and testing to ensure employee safety and fitness for duty.

WorkFit specializes in providing an independent medical exam for any employee who gets hurt on the job. We have the experience and expertise to complete the DOT medical exam in Omaha, which eliminates the need to have employees travel out of the city for the test. We provide pulmonary testing as necessary, and we also offer audiograms and immunizations. We have dedicated staff to complete medical consultations that include a doctor’s examination and a report, or a medical records review without the need for an examination of the patient. Injured employees can utilize the occupational health services and our physical therapy in Omaha to recover from injuries and ensure they are fit for duty. For preventative health, we offer respirator fit testing services, as well as ergonomic injury prevention consultations, which help to reduce the risk of injury for anyone in the workplace.

The goal of WorkFit is to provide all the needed medical support services for employers, employees, insurance carriers, administrators, and attorneys. With experience, expertise, and compassion, we work with all parties to manage and treat work-related injuries, provide independent medical-legal services, and offer injury care, physical therapy, and drug screening throughout the Omaha area. Workfit is a proud supporter of the National Safety Council.